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Web design is a big part of the work involved in the complete development of a website.

And it is this non-submerged part of the iceberg that will make a big difference in the eyes of your future customers / clients.

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“We design websites to meet the expectations of your customers and deliver results to you.“

A webdesign service ranges start from the creation to the design of an entire web interface. From the SEO to the UX structure of a website, including interactivity, navigation and page architecture, everything is thought out during the Web design creation phase.

User experience is one of the pillars of web design. In addition to the aesthetics and technique of a web interface, your AJC Vanuatu agency is also vigilant about the ergonomics of the sites it produces. Structure, ease of use, visual appearance and strategy must be designed for and according to the user. This is why the user, your prospect, is at the center of all stages of creating or redesigning your website.

Our Agency in Port Vila and its consultants also help you define the features and content that your website should include. Thinking about UX is essential in any web project, in order to efficiently generate traffic, leads and conversions. This is why your AJC Agency in Port Vila pays special attention to it.

Why choose our Web Design Agency

We anticipate your needs to offer you a design adapted to your business.

We design tailor-made and personalized websites for all industries and all business size.

Our expertise allows us to create showcase and e-commerce websites at prices adapted to your needs and your budget.

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, Web Design needs to take into consideration the usability, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) on your website.

We launch your business
to the next level
with smart digital solutions.

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Choose a custom Web Design for your brand

Our Web Design meets the needs of your targets to offer you a Website that really makes the difference.


Your website is designed to adapt to all devices and still look stunning in all cases.


We design websites to meet the expectations of your visitors (UI).


We integrate adapted animations to improve the user experience (UX) of your visitors.

A design that automatically adapts to your visitors.

Did you know that more than the majority of the time spent on the Internet is from a smartphone.

Today your visitors can use many devices to get to your website: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Your website must adapt to all these devices.

For us this is not an option that we charge you in addition, it is today something essential.
Thus, all websites designed by AJC are responsive.

A Design studied for your target

You can’t imagine selling shoes in a butcher shop!

It is with this simple principle that we design your websites. They are designed according to your industry and your target.

This allows you to provide your visitors with a user experience tailored to their use and to benefit from an excellent image with your target audience.

Dynamic animations to make the difference

We design your websites to elegantly enhance your products and services.

Thus, we select for you animations that are both light and pleasant to launch your website to the next level and improve the user experience. The result is awesome!

Just because our sites go straight to the point and present a particularly elegant display doesn’t mean that they are not dynamic, quite the contrary.

We have selected for you animations that are both light and very pleasant to enhance your site and its visit and the result is, brilliant!

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